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About the gym

Empowering Through Boxing

Located in the vibrant heart of Downtown Los Angeles, our gym is more than just a place to train—it's a community where individuals are transformed through the discipline and art of boxing. At our core, we are dedicated to empowering each member, helping them unlock their potential both in and out of the ring.

Our Mission:

We aim to make boxing accessible to all, promoting physical fitness, mental resilience, and emotional strength. We believe that the lessons learned through boxing—discipline, perseverance, and courage—extend far beyond the gym, influencing every aspect of life.

Our Vision:

To be a beacon of strength and wellness in Los Angeles, providing a supportive environment where members from all backgrounds and levels can thrive. We strive to cultivate a space where the traditions of boxing blend with modern training techniques, creating a unique experience for each member.

Our Values:

  • Inclusivity: Everyone has a place in our gym. We pride ourselves on welcoming members from diverse backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Excellence: We provide top-notch coaching and facilities to ensure that every member can achieve their best.
  • Community: We foster a tight-knit community where members support and push each other towards greatness.
  • Growth: We are committed to the continual growth and development of our members, our staff, and our programs.

Join us at our gym, where every challenge is an opportunity, and every success is celebrated. Forge your path to greatness and become part of a community that fights together.

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A Team Of Coaches That Get Results, Consistently

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Conveniently located just south of the bustling 101 freeway off Mission Rd.

333 N Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Forj Fitness is located and easily accessible from all of Los Angeles, CA.

Punch excuses in the face. Being fit is a choice.