Andy Aguilar
Andy Aguilar

315lbs clean & jerk
230lbs snatch
5:54 mile time
525lbs deadlift
415lbs back squat
350lbs front squat


Owner & Head Coach

Andy Aguilar

Greetings, and welcome to the extraordinary story of Andy "Elitesmith" Aguilar, an embodiment of unwavering dedication and mastery in the realm of combat sports. From the tender age of 8, Andy found inspiration in the legendary Bruce Lee, sparking a lifelong passion for martial arts that would shape his destiny.

Andy's journey encountered a formidable challenge when a knee injury threatened to shatter his dreams of becoming a fighter. However, he was determined to rise above the adversity and sought knowledge in the field of kinesiology. Armed with this newfound understanding of injury treatment and prevention, Andy not only healed himself but also paved the way for an incredible comeback to the combat sports arena.

Over the span of 15 years, Andy fearlessly embraced a diverse array of combat disciplines, proving his unparalleled versatility and skill. From the precision of karate to the dynamism of tae kwon do, the intricacies of wrestling and jiu-jitsu, the raw power of muay thai and boxing, to the elegance of judo, Andy mastered each art with tenacity and finesse.

Recognizing his exceptional prowess, Andy achieved the esteemed rank of 1st-degree black belt in karate and an impressive 3rd-degree black belt in tae kwon do. As an amateur mixed martial artist, he remained undefeated with a remarkable record of 3 wins. But that's not all – Andy solidified his supremacy as an amateur kickboxer, boasting an awe-inspiring record of 26 wins and only 3 losses.

Fuelled by his personal combat sports experience and his love for training others, Andy earned the moniker "Elitesmith" - a blacksmith for elite athletes. With a track record of working with over 30 professional boxers, including world champions like Leo Santa Cruz, David Benavidez, Yokasta Valle, and more, he has honed his craft in molding champions.

Beyond the accolades, Andy's journey is a testament to unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. He stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving tha...

The turning point in my life came with a knee injury that left me with doubts about ever stepping back into the ring. However, this setback became the catalyst for a powerful realization: with an unwavering determination, I could overcome anything I set my mind to. Embracing this newfound mindset, I defied the odds, healed my knee, and proved to myself that resilience and perseverance could conquer any obstacle in my path.

My ultimate purpose in coaching and establishing Forj Fitness is to provide people of all backgrounds and abilities with the opportunity to achieve elite performance. By offering comprehensive training programs, guidance, and support, I aim to empower individuals to surpass their limits, unlock their full potential, and attain the highest levels of physical and mental excellence. Through Forj Fitness, I aspire to create a community where everyone can thrive and realize their athletic dreams, regardless of their starting point or previous experience.